Young Riders School Summer Camp “Summer in the saddle”

Camp schedule 2020:

  • 29 June - 3 July: for children in the age group of 11-14 years
  • 10 August - 14 August: for children in the age group of 7-10 years


The best place to spend this summer is getting to know the majestic horses and learning royal riding. In a camps where newly gained experience can turn into a lifetime hobby or even a professional sport.

This year’s most exciting equestrian camps will be guided by a great B-team! The B-team is represented by Beate Klipa and Beate Eisāne, who have wealth of experience in camp organization and who are able to establish a creative atmosphere. The camp is a week long dream journey into summer, spent together on adventures – creating, doing things, discovering and learning something new, relaxing and having fun. A week to remember, for you and for us.

Let the summer be one big adventure! Come see and feel the everyday world of horses as we walk through the equestrian centre, find out about the work of horse grooms, as well as the menu and daily life of horses. The leaders of the Young Riders School Camp will tell you about the riding school activities, introduce you to various riding disciplines, and allow the campers not only to try on the role of a show jumper, but also to learn how to harness a horse to a cart and guide it, and they will show you first steps in dressage.

In addition to the opportunity of getting to know all of the school’s horses and ponies, the campers will have a chance to ride and play. In our camp, we will tell you about the horse’s nature by studying and relaxing together. At the culmination of the camp programme, the campers will organize training sessions in which they will participate, gain their own competition experience, and will also invite others to join.

Young Riders School Camp is a daytime outdoor camp. The camp will be open for five days, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00.

Maximum number of campers: 20 children. During the riding lessons, each camper will receive individual attention according to their abilities and skills.

During their time at the camp, the children will be provided with meals (breakfast snack, lunch and afternoon snack, water throughout the day).

The camp goals:

  • get to know the everyday life of horses by helping at the stables and gain new skills in horse care; interacting with horses develops a sense of responsibility in children, helps them relax and trust the environment, allows them to get used to nature and improves their psycho-emotional state;
  • gain knowledge of different equestrian disciplines;
  • learn how to organize horse competitions and understand competition courses, work together in a team;
  • improve riding skills, as equestrian sport helps develop a child’s physical abilities, builds character and teaches patience;
  • do sports and go hiking in order to spend as much time as possible outdoors and enjoy the sun;
  • play games, have fun and explore Inčukalns area;
  • the camp organizers will prepare surprises for campers to make each day an unforgettable adventure.

Participation fee for one child: EUR 320.00 (including VAT). Please apply by calling 28677177 or writing to The place in the camp will be reserved only after signing the agreement and paying the invoice!