Webinar: Cybersecurity and disinformation during COVID-19. What will be next?

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 09:00 to 10:00

On 7 May, we were joined by Ms Ieva Ilves for our joint chamber webinar “Cybersecurity and disinformation during COVID-19. What will be next?” Ms Ieva Ilves is the Adviser to the President of Latvia for Information and Digital Policy.

While the world is focused on the health and economic threats posed by COVID-19, cyber criminals around the world, from financial profit hackers, hacktivists (political activists) or other countries are undoubtedly capitalising on this crisis. Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats, especially during the pandemic. As businesses have moved to remote working, there has been a spike in phishing (e-mail), smishing (SMS) and ransomwere attacks, meaning cybersecurity has jumped to the top of everyone’s agenda.

Ieva explained, Cyber security is a key risk management tool and should treated as one, but many companies prioritise convenience over security leaving them more visible to cyber criminals. This pandemic has highlighted several areas to be re-considered as part of ongoing and future cybersecurity strategies and policies not only on a governmental level. 

Ms Ilves also emphasised the human factor is the weakest link in the chain of cyber security and steps should be taken to create a first line of defence by increasing training for employees to ensure they are threat-aware and know how to effectively deal with any attempt.

We are very grateful to Ieva Ilves for finding time to address our members and answering questions related to this important topic.