Thank you!

On 5 December we sent out a letter requesting donations of items for 4 child care institutions and crisis centres - family Support Centre “Zīļuks” in Ērgļi region, children's Social Rehabilitation Center "Mūsmājas" in Krāslava, Out-of-Family Care and Support Center for Children and Youths "Ozoli" in Madona region and “Bērnu Oāze” in Ludzas region. 

At the collection points from 11 December –  15 December a lot of good people came forward and many wonderful things were received. Everyone was so generous that we spent all Wednesday sorting and packing them up for the 4 homes. The happy news are that as you are reading this everything is already being delivered to the children! 

Many many thanks to the contributors among who we can include the staff and parents from International School of Latvia and King's College Latvia, Ieva Broka & Rolands Mežapuķe, Andrejs Dzedons, Cameron & Vineta Greaves, Ineta & Brian Green, Sarah & Richard Harper, Renāte Romanovska, Riga International Rotary Club and Mark Sapsford. And many thanks also to all those others who donated. We are truly grateful for your generosity! We would also like to mention how much we appreciated everybody taking such care to arrange everything so nicely. The last but no means least thing to mention is that we were overwhelmed by the amount of completely new things that were specifically purchased and donated. 

Finally, we would like to say THANK YOU to all who have helped us to make this happen - to International School of Latvia and King’s College Latvia for organizing collection points and sharing information and to Zebra Cargo and Vitol for taking care of transport and logistics.

You have all combined to make this a much happier Christmas for all these children.