St Saviour’s Anglican Church in Riga

This year is when St Saviour’s Anglican Church celebrates its 159th birthday.  The formal celebratory service was held on Sunday 7 October 2018 when many came together to participate in a day of rejoicing in worship and fellowship, and to recall the many thousands of people who have been a part of its communion during the past 159 years. 

However, St Saviour’s also has a significant concern which emanates, in part, from the age of the church.  This is an unexpected crisis and, as is so often the case with beautiful historic buildings, it is a structural one.  It has been known for a while that the ceiling of the church is no longer quite sound.  In the longer term, there will have to be some major work, which may involve either repairing the current structure, or possibly stripping away the 1950’s ‘false ceiling’ and restoring the original, somewhat higher 19th century vaulted structure. 

That is a decision that St Saviour’s will have to take in cooperation with its architect, the National Cultural Heritage Council, and acoustics experts.  But for the moment the church is asking for help to cover the costs of an urgent repair of the southeast corner, where the plasterwork is damaged and at risk of falling away. 

BritCham members will be aware that our Christmas parties regularly contain a short talk from the St Saviour’s chaplain.  This started in 2011 with Juris Cālītis and since Juris retired Jāna Jēruma-Grīnberga has continued the tradition.  This always helps to put us in the Christmas mood and so we ask that you now consider helping St Saviour’s in its time of need.  Jāna will happily answer questions if you need more information – her email is - but it is evident that St Saviour’s is facing a crisis and so if you can help, please do. 

Donations can be made either via PayPal at: or direct to St Saviour’s bank account, the details of which are:

Account name:       Anglikāņu baznīcas Svētā Pestītāja draudze Rīgā

Account no:             LV17HABA000140J030656

Swedbank:              Swift Code: HABALV22                   90001051893

Any amount is welcome.