SOLD OUT Sapphire Jubilee Garden Party

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 17:30

On Wednesday 7 June we celebrated the end of BritCham's season 2016/2017 with the Sapphire Jubilee Garden Party. The theme was chosen in honour of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II's having reigned for 65 years (and counting) and having become the longest-reigning British monarch.

Firstly, we would like to thank our co-host - King’s College, The British School of Latvia. And our thanks also go to Vitol Baltics and Norvik Banka. Without your support this Party would not have been the splendid event it was! 

The weather being what it was we "activated" Plan B and stayed in the lovely atmosphere of the Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel's restaurant where RISEBA University had done a great job by making sure we genuinely felt as at a British Party! Big thank you to our hosts and decorators! 

We had a truly supreme dinner buffet provided by Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel that was deliciously complemented by Danzante wines. While the guests enjoyed the gastronomic aspects of the Party our raffle ticket sellers worked ardently to make sure that everyone gets the chance to participate in the raffle.

Our thanks to Oliver Bramwell, Ieva Broka, David Callaway and Justine Ignatavicute & Maris Vainovskis (colleagues stick together) for their time and help!

Glamorous part of the entertainment was the fashion show from Debenhams. Words won't do it justice, so just head over and take a look at the photos. Many thanks to Debenhams for organizing it! 

At the Sapphire Jubilee Garden Party we had two activities where the guests could win prizes - the Hat Competition and the Raffle. After earnest voting by the guests we congratulated 3 ladies for wearing the most favourite hats. For them Debenhams had prepared gift certificates and the 1st place also received a bottle of "bubbly" from Frescobaldi wines. Then followed the raffle with many winners, and we would like thank those who supported us with prizes: Albert Hotel, Casa Nostra, CBRE Baltics, Debenhams, ESPA Riga, Este, Frescobaldi wines, Indian Raja, Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel, Santa Maria, Singh's restaurant, Tbilisi restaurant and Young Riders School!

The Party culminated with fireworks - sparkly fireworks on the luscious cake provided by Via Hansa! Thank you to them for the treat!

And during all this the younger attendees were happily occupied at the Kids Corner that was run by the King’s College, The British School of Latvia (thank you, thank, thank you!). The amazing crowns they made honestly deserve a special mention :)

Please see photos from Camera 1 here.
Please see photos from Camera 2 here.