SOLD OUT BritCham Academy: Purposeful Branding - Making Profit and World a Better Place At The Same Time

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 09:00

On 12 October we had the opening session of a new BritCham project - the BritCham Academy. 

Our guest speaker at this very first seminar was Edgars Pētersons who introduced us with Purposeful Branding. Edgars has 10 years' experience in marketing and he brilliantly explained the ins and outs of this recent marketing trend. His examples varied from Pampers and AXE & Dove deodorants to Google cars, painting houses in Rio favelas and Accenture's Skills to Succeed campaign. We learned that the main aim of the Purposeful Branding is creating purposeful and useful impact on society, whether it be helping someone to improve their life or just by creating joy, evoking pride or inspiring exploration. 

We feel (and hope that all the guests would agree) that at the first BritCham Academy seminar we have gleaned great information on a very interesting topic. For that we would like to say many thanks to Edgars! And another big thank you goes to SemaraH Hotel Metropole for hosing us! 

The next BritCham Academy morning seminar will take place on 9 November at Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel. We will announce the topic soon.

Please view the photos from the event here.