Rīgas Porcelāns Joins BritCham as a Corporate Plus Member

Rīgas Porcelāns is a new start up and revival of the historic Latvian brand that hopes by the beginning of 2022, after the local workshop is established, to begin production of high-quality porcelain and related ceramic products, based in Torņakalns. The vision is to revive/adapt some classic designs, but also to make a new design statement. While being a commercial enterprise, Rīgas Porcelāns intends to have both a social and cultural programme, training the disadvantaged and working with other artists to create an interesting space to encourage ideas and exhibit talent. The vision is to concentrate on low-volume, high quality, artistic items and a bespoke service.

To find out more visit Rīgas Porcelāns profile on BritCham website or their website that soon will go live.

BritCham warmly welcomes our new member!