Pink Train Charity Marathon

#PUPKULTŪRA (translation: boob-culture) is the movement that breaks the conversation about breast health into pop culture. You've seen their message everywhere - the LMA Carnival, talk shows, women's stand-up, designer t-shirts and even on recycling bins. 

#PUPKULTŪRA has been created by Zinta Uskale and her charity organisation ''Pink Train Foundation'', which has helped hundreds of women diagnosed with this disease. The main aim of the Pink Train Foundation is to raise funds so that women diagnosed with breast cancer in Latvia can receive professional, psychological support and physiotherapy. The Foundation's objectives also include the organisation of experience exchange for nursing and other staff working with breast cancer patients, as well as issuing informative material to those women affected by the disease.

This time the #PUPKULTŪRA team will participate in the TET RIGA MARATHON 2019. They will be running in order to raise money for women in Latvia diagnosed with breast cancer, so that they can help cover the costs of counselling and physiotherapy. In 42 days Pink Train will attempt to raise 20000 EUR.

By donating, you will be helping a woman who is fighting the battle against breast cancer - Breast Idea Ever: 42-Day Charity Marathon