Letter from the Chairman of the Board regarding BritCham's Survey

Dear Fellow Members,

I hope you are all well and paying heed to all sensible precautions to protect yourselves and Latvia from the spread of COVID-19. 

Linked to this message is a small survey and – please- do not groan and immediately hit the ‘delete’ key but open it up and take it.  It should, literally, take you no longer than 5 minutes and it will be of great use to Renāte and the Board as we endeavour to determine how we can bring value to you – our cherished members – during this time of lockdown.  The primary subject of the survey is the support being provided by the Government but there are a couple of questions at the end which are of a more general nature and I ask you specially to give some thought to these. 

No more for now.  I always feel that the written equivalent of “stand up, speak up and shut up” is the best policy. 

Yours sincerely

Cameron G. Greaves

Chairman of the Board

BritCham's Survey on COVID-19 State Funded Support.

Please find here signed letter from BritCham's Chairman Mr Cameron G. Greaves.