Latvian Foster Family Association Joins BritCham as a Corporate Member

Latvian Foster Family Association mission is to support families that raise children who have been left without the care of their biological parents.

In order to achieve its mission, the Latvian Foster Family Association has set the following goals:

  • To promote the social inclusion of children and youth under the care of foster parents and guardians 
  • To provide assistance to foster families and guardians (financial and in-kind support to foster families, including food and clothing).
  • To serve as a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge among its members and partners
  • To promote cooperation with the state and regional authorities, NGOs and the private sector in raising awareness about alternative child care, and to achieve a positive change in family policy
  • To raise awareness of the work of foster families and guardians


To find out more visit Latvian Foster Family Association's profile on BritCham website or

BritCham warmly welcomes our new member!