FICIL Panel Discussion: Talent as the Engine for Recovery

The World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that 50% of all employees will require reskilling in the next five years. Even if an employee remains in their current role, it is estimated that around 40% of the core skills required for their role will change over the same five-year period. The WEF report also highlights the role of the government in providing the opportunities for employees to be able to adapt to the changing market needs.
As part of the 25th Annual High Council meeting between the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia and the Government of Latvia, FICIL will hold a public panel discussion to highlight the current situation and examine the action needed to advance talent as the engine for the economic recovery process. Topics on the table include the changes in the labour market caused by the pandemic, centralisation of responsibility for workforce management in Latvia as well as a proactive approach to upskilling employees.
The Bank of Latvia Chief Economist of the Macroeconomic Analysis Division OĻEGS KRASNOPJOROVS will give insight into how the pandemic has altered the labour market, while Minister of Welfare GATIS EGLĪTIS, Minister of Education ANITA MUIŽNIECE, Chairman of the Saeima Education, Culture and Science Committee ARVILS AŠERADENS, and the Director of the State Employment Agency of Latvia EVITA SIMSONE will engage in a discussion with investors on further action needed to proactively reduce the skills gap in the labour market.