Digitalisation Day 2021

Association for Construction Industry Digitalisation of Latvia in cooperation with leading Latvian construction companies in the field of BIM organizes an online Construction Digitalisation Day 2021 in Riga on April 15, 2021. The aim of the conference is to discuss with all participants of the Latvian construction industry - architects, designers, builders, real estate developers, municipalities - construction digitization processes to coordinate the development of the industry internationally, promote cooperation between different countries and create a unified digitization platform. 

BIM experts from Latvia and foreign countries will speak at the conference, sharing their experience on the benefits of the construction process, using BIM in both public procurement and production, design and construction processes.

The conference will consist of three sessions:

  • 3 panel discussions in Session No.1:


 - Digitalisation of construction education - challenges and solutions

 - BIM in tenders - getting the best result

 - National BIM implementation - strategy, milestones, results

  • BIM challenges or f*ups in Session No.2
  • Awarding the BIM prize in Session No.3.


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