Burns Supper 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015 - 17:00


On 24 January we celebrated the immortal memory of Robert Burns. Our guests had taken to heart our request in previous Newsletters and arrived in handsome kilts and lovely evening dresses, were more than ready to show off their Scottish dancing skills and most important of all were in a great mood to party in the name of the beloved Scott poet.

One of the reasons we meet at Burns Supper is the charity. This year we again supported the Celiac Society "Life Without Gluten" organised summer camp for children from low income families. The guests were very forthcoming and generous. The Most Generous Table bought an incredible amount of 233 tickets! With Seymour Ferreira and Ivi Anna Buce taking the stage all of the prizes found their happy owners by midnight. This would not have been possible, if not for our supportersOur immense thanks to them!

There were many sparkling speeches at this year's Burns Supper: Paul Boschi (Patron's address and the Loyal Tosts); Anna Vilsone (Charity representative). Seymour Ferreira (Chairman's address); Richard Koizumi (Selkirk Grace); David Sim (and his dirk) did a marvelous job with the Parade and the Address of the Haggis; Neil Thomson (to the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns). But when it comes to the Toast to the Lassies and the reply on behalf of the Lassies, we are not apprehensive to say that Paul Barratt and Astrīda Rogule who made these speeches were the real stars. And lastly but definitely not leastly our fantastic MC - Robert Kirkup. He did a spectacular job of making sure the official part ran smoothly and that the guests were kept entertained.
Tremendous thank you to all of the speakers! You made our evening entertaining and cheerful.

We learned that Scotch whisky accounts for a quarter of all UK food and drink exports, according to the Scottish Whisky Association (SWA). It supports more jobs than the computing, shipbuilding and iron and steel industries. It might be that this year's Burns Supper will account for a considerable portion of that exported whisky - we all appreciated Glenfiddich so much that we finished all of it. But we do hope that was not the main reason why our guests enjoyed this years Burns Supper :). Colossal thank you to Glenfiddich for the support!

Did you see the black and white Scottish Terriers during the evening? They were truly a hit - some even found new owners. If you were not there, do not worry - we did not have a pet adoption booth set up at the Burns Supper. We are talking about the decorations RISEBA and Vocational Secondary School VICTORIA pupils had made for the event. They also deserve major 'Thank You' from us all. Thanks to them the venue looked very festive and Scottish. A design that deserves our special attention is the photo corner that was kindly decorated by our member Maison Baltic with beautiful furniture from Voyage Maison. Many thanks for that! However, none of that would have happened, if not for our member and great supporter Radisson Blu Daugava that once more provided the venue for our event. Thank you!

While we are talking about aspects of Burns Supper that is becoming annual, we must talk about the band Iļģi..  we apologize, the truly Scottish ensamble "Division 55" who once again provided lovely and lively music for dancing. The other 'source' of music was the piper Ross O'Connell Jennings who had arrived to play for us from London. Ross has embarked on a personal aim to be the first piper to pipe in every country of the world. He is an amazing guy and piper who we are very glad to have had the chance to meet and celebrate Burns Night with. Good luck to him!

Inseparable from this kind of music is dancing. And we are happy to say that everybody enjoyed new format with more space so there was a lot more dancing. Somewhat to 'blame' is our wonderful caller Astrida Rogule and her skillful helpers Toms Rogulis, Brigita and Santis Puriņš. They did an incredible job that resulted in delightful Scottish dances for our guests to enjoy.

One more special mention and thank you is due - the Contributing Tables. We hope DHL andEversheds Bitāns had a fantastic evening! Thank you for supporting Burns Supper!

We do hope that all our guests enjoyed the evening as much as we did and we hope to see you again next year!

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