BritCham Season Opening 2020

Dear All 


Last week you will have received the announcement of our Season Opening Party on 15 September 2020. 

As Renāte has so capably explained we have focused this year primarily on the following: 

  1. Having a traditional “curry” evening; 
  2. Keeping everyone safe; and 
  3. Providing a great place in which to have a brilliant time. 

Kully Singh and his team are ensuring that we have item (1) and items (2) and (3) are being provided by our friends at the Radisson Blu Latvia.  I accompanied Renāte on our “tour of inspection” which was conducted by the Radisson’s General Manager, Niklas Jonsson, and everything is arranged so that nobody but the servers will be near the food before it is served, attendees will be able to point to what they would like to eat and plates will be handed out (around a protective screen) once selections have been made.  After that you will be able to go and select your table which is properly “socially distanced” from any other table but not so distant as to prevent conversation!  There is sufficient space for all, including a small outside terrace.  

I will therefore keep this brief.  You will be safe, the food – that well-known traditionally British dish of curry! – will be delicious and your fellow attendees will ensure good company and the opportunity to catch up on gossip and personal news.  There will also be bingo and henna designs.  

So please come.  This is our first “people present” function post-lockdown and Renāte, Kully and Niklas have all worked hard to ensure that it will be superb.  Please therefore lend your support not only to them but also to BritCham.  

Thank you, as always, and I look forward to seeing you on 15 September.  

Yours sincerely 

Cameron G. Greaves 

Chairman of the Board 

Please find here signed letter from BritCham's Chairman Mr Cameron G. Greaves.