BritCham Representatives in UK

The board has decided to set up some official BritCham representatives to assist members who decide to establish a business in the U.K. or have an enquiry about living and working there. 

The purpose of appointing these representatives, who are located in various parts of the U.K., is to provide an individual who can assist by giving practical information about life and, where appropriate, provide names and contact details of business organisations which may be able to offer required services.  The intention is that initial meetings between the member and the representative will not last for more than an hour and that there will be no charge.  If the representative can provide the service sought by the member then this will be subject to the establishment of usual business arrangements. 

Members wishing to avail themselves of an introduction to a representative should contact the BritCham Office.  It should be noted that the names of the representatives will not be included on the website because this facility is for members only.