BritCham Charity Fund Update

2021 was a busy year for BritCham Charity Fund and we are pleased to update our members and supporters on the projects we have supported in 2021:

  • BritCham Charity Fund sponsored an exchange programme between Allaži Crisis Centre (LV) and Mullberry Bush School (UK). The Mulberry Bush School offers individualised integrated therapeutic care, treatment and education overseen by a multidisciplinary team of highly trained professional staff. Their continual focus is to help children learn to manage their emotions and behaviours through the development of safe and trusting relationships within a group setting. This visit set Allazi Crisis Centre on the path to becoming LV’s leading crisis centre. With this knowledge Allazi will be unique placed to support Latvian children who have suffered early years trauma, or have severe social, emotional and mental health difficulties.
  • BritCham Charity Fund supported Children’s Hospital by purchasing new washing machine/dryer and a fridge for the Parents House. The Parents’ House is established and run by the Children’s Hospital Foundation and is an integral part of the Children’s Hospital, as the parents who are supported here feel more peaceful and secure and can give more attention and energy to their children. Apart from overnight accomodation, the Parent’s House provides equipment for most daily routines, such as washing and ironing clothes, taking a shower, cooking food or taking a rest form the stressful day at the hospital.
  • During Christmas charity campaign, BritCham’s Charity Fund sought support from its members with assisting in the purchasing of essential items needed for Allaži Crisis Centre (i.e. anti-stress toys, hygiene goods, crash mats for sensory room, etc.). Thanks to our members' generosity we managed to purchase and deliver all needed items to Allaži Crisis Centre just in time for Christmas. We would also like to thank RISEBA University for the video production and Skonto Group for storage and logistics.


We are beyond grateful to all our members and friends whose support is invaluable for the BritCham’s Charity Fund to continue its work.