Annual General Meeting 2019

Please see below 2019 Board Candidate details and links to Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) Documents  including "Combined Proxy and Voting Form".

As previously notified, the 2019 AGM of the Members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Latvia ("BritCham") will be held on Thursday 21 March 2019 at the British Ambassador’s Residence, Jura Alunāna iela 5 commencing at 09:30 (coffee available from 09:00).

Please do come, listen to the Board Candidates and cast your vote thereby ensuring that you have a say in who seeks to guide our BritCham development over the next years! Registration for the event is mandatory (for security reasons) and is available here.

If you can not attend the event, please complete  "Combined Proxy and Voting Form" and either scan and e-mail the completed form to or deliver it to the BritCham office before 10:00 Latvian time on 18 March 2019.



We kindly urge all members to register for AGM by signing up online, e-mailing us at or calling +371 25 45 6000

If you can not attend the event, please complete "Combined Proxy and Voting Form" and either scan and e-mail the completed form to or deliver it to the BritCham office before 10:00 Latvian time on 18 March 2019.

Admission: Complimentary (BritCham Members Only).
Date/ time: 21 March 2019, 9:00
Venue: British Ambassador's Residence, British Embassy Building, Jura Alunāna iela 5, Riga
Registration: Online sign-up, e-mail or call +371 25 45 6000 

Please note that registration is compulsory due to British Embassy security requirements.


Annual General Meeting 2019 Documents

AGM Documents for the Members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Latvia:

  1. Notice
  2. Notes to Attendees
  3. Combined Proxy and Voting Form (PDF version available here)

All documents are available here.


Election of Board Members

One of the main items of business at the AGM is the election of Board Members. The Board of BritCham consists of ten people of whom eight are elected and two are "ex-officio" - a nominee of the British Ambassador and BritCham's Executive Director.

For this year five of the eight elected positions are becoming available. Information about the current Board is available on BritCham website.

In order to be eligible for election an individual is required to be a paid-up individual member of BritCham or the representative of a paid-up company member for 2019.

The election will take place during the AGM and the successful candidates will be elected for a period of two years after which they may stand for re-election unless this term of office is their third term in which case they will be required to stand down.

The Board encourages anyone from among the membership to offer him/herself for election. Those who decide to stand for the Board are requested to contact BritCham Office.


Board Candidates 2019

Mr Oliver Bramwell

Oliver Bramwell has considerable experience in the banking sector, financial management, credit risk control and lending area. Previously, Oliver held executive posts in a number of banks in the United Kingdom and Russia, in particular, Barclays Bank and Citibank. Prior to joining the Norvik Banka’s team Oliver acted as Managing Director of the Russian Vyatka Bank (Вятка-банк). His duties included risk management, management of strategic IT projects and development of financial projects. Oliver has earned a Master's Degree in Mathematics at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. In 2012 Oliver obtained the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) qualification, and in 2016 Oliver is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

From December 2013 – he is the Chairman of the Board at Norvik Banka.

Dates when you were on the BritCham Board:
03.2015 – 03.2017 
03.2017 – 03.2019

What was your role (roles) on the BritCham Board and what you have achieved?
General Board membership, not running a specific sub-committee, but attending all (but one, I think) Board meetings. I was not able to attend all of the social/networking events.

Your promise to BritCham members:
To strive to ensure that the Board works in favour of all of the BritCham members in a fair, and transparent manner.


Ms Ieva Broka

Law office “Ieva Broka & partners” LLC,
owner, Chairman, lawyer, 2008 – until now

Bookkeeping service providers “MB Finance”
owner, Chairman, 2005 – until now

“Association of Commercial Law” and Arbitration court of the “Association of Commercial law” 
Chairman, arbitrator, 2000 – until now

Insolvency administrator with more then 10 years experience. 

Dates when you were on the BritCham Board:
Previously Board member of BritCham:
2003 - 2008
2014 November – 2015
2015 – until now

What was your role (roles) on the BritCham Board and what you have achieved?
I have been BritCham’s Board member in the past and also at this moment. As a Board Member I have tried to attend Board meetings as much as I could combining it with Maternity leave on year 2018. As a Chairman of the Charity Committee and have been honoured to manage work with lots of charity projects in past two years mainly with orphans housed and crises centres in Latvia.

What would you like to say was your proudest achievement on behalf of BritCham in 2017- 2019?
I am very proud and happy with work in BritCham’ s Charity Fund.  As a chairman of the Charity Committee I have achieved impementation of a new strategy for BritCham to suport those really in need i.e. we have provided help for children that have lost their parents or suffered from violence, by raising money and donating it to several orphans houses and crisis centres in Latvia.

Your promise to BritCham members:
I would be happy to continue to devote my time and efforts to BritCham’s charity projects as well as attract new members and to be active part of brainstorm in order to find possibilities for BritCham to grow bigger and to provide valuable services to its members.


Ms Daina Dzirkale

Work History:

GSK - External Affairs Director Latvia. 04/2017 – Current

Mylan - Sales & Marketing Manager Latvia & Lithuania, 03/2015 - 03/2017

Abbott / Mylan - Sales & Marketing Manager Latvia, 05/2014 - 03/2015

MSD - HIV & Hepatitis Institutional Business Lead Sub-Sahara Africa, 05/2011 - 11/2013

MSD - Regional Marketing Director HIV EEMEA, 01/2010 - 04/2011

MSD - Infectious Disease Franchise Lead CEE, 04/2009 - 12/2009

MSD - Business Unit Manager Latvia, 01/2007 - 03/2009

MSD - Product Manager Latvia, 04/2004 - 12/2006

MSD - Sales Representative Latvia, 01/2000 - 02/2004


Riga Business School, MBA

Medical Academy, Post-graduate Family Medicine

Medical Academy, Medical Doctor

Which parts of your experience would best benefit BritCham and in which way?
My experience in multi-national Big Pharma, in Latvia and abroad, in roles of growing responsibility, helped me to develop strategic thinking and enabled to sort through the clutter and find the best route and patterns where others simply see complexity. Such skills, combined with knowledge of Latvian political processes, would facilitate my contributions for business sectors which are outside my daily work.

Working with different cultures and in diverse business environments developed my agile leadership style which is equally important here in Latvia due to a fast-changing environment and weak follow-up on promises of political predecessors. My ability to build connections and being a bridge builder for people of different cultures would strengthen the Board.

The absence of KPIs and average execution of strategies is a well-known disease in many areas in Latvia. My experience in organizations with strong performance and outcome orientation could help to demonstrate the value of measurable goals for productivity increase in dialogues with the public and private sector.

Finally, in-depth knowledge of Latvia health care system and its pros and cons versus comparable economies would allow British Chamber of Commerce to enhance discussions on health topics which impact all members, both personally and through direct and indirect costs for their businesses.

What role(s) would you like to perform on BritCham Board and why?
Increase diversity of represented business areas/professions.
Contribute to BritCham strategy evolution.
Promote BritCham membership in my business area.

Your promise to members: 
Consensus searching in a discussion process and milestone setting even for “soft” topics.



Mr Mark Robertson-Jones

The Advanced Certificate of International School Leadership (2012)

Certificate of International School Leadership (2006)

Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management, The Open University, UK (2002)


International School Latvia (2017-Present), Secondary Principal

Shekou International School- China (2013-2017), High School and IB Coordinator, Grade 12 Advisor

American International School- Chennai (2006- 2013), IB Coordinator

The International Community School Addis Ababa (2001-2006), IB Coordinator, Head of Humanities Department, Strategic Action Team Leader for Accreditation Process, Academic Leadership Council member, Faculty representative to the Board, Principal’s Advisory member, NHS advisor, IB assistant examiner for English

New Cairo British International School (1998-2001), Head of Department and Curriculum Coordinator for the Humanities Faculty (1999-2001)

Dates when you were on the BritCham Board:
February - March 2019

What was your role (roles) on the BritCham Board and what you have achieved?
Education Committee Member: Planning the Educational event in May 2019

What would you like to say was your proudest achievement on behalf of BritCham in 2016- 2018?
Contributions to the Education Committee planning process to further the interests of education, with a spirit of cooperation and for the mutual benefit of Latvia and the British Chamber.

Your promise to BritCham members:
To continue to engage and to actively participate in BritCham initiatives.


Mr Kalbinder Singh Srai

Born May 9, 1965 in Birmingham, UK

1977- 1982 Smethwick Hall boy's School

1982- 1983 West park College

1983-1991 Quality control apprenticeship at Concentric Plc

1991 Started own retailing business

1996 Sold retailing business and bought BMW dealership

2001 Sold BMW dealership and got into telecoms

2004 Sold telecom business

2004 Invested as a major shareholder in first private call centre in Latvia

2004 Bought Logistics business in Stafford, UK (now distributing 500 000 units of big ticket electrical appliances to the consumer on behalf of major manufacturers) 

2013 Setting up the brand "Singh's" in the restaurant trade, aiming to have 25 restaurants in Eastern Europe in the next 5 years

Which parts of your experience would best benefit BritCham and in which way?
My personal experiences as an Asian living in Britain and working in many different cultures sets me apart from others - I am able to quickly build rapport and trust with those that I work with by embracing difference and using my influencing and relationship skills. Being an entrepreneur I bring a breath of experience built on success and disappointments, applied with positive energy which I can bring to the chamber. I enjoy working with others and believe I can bring the best out of the group as a whole as I have evidenced in my successful business ventures in the U.K. and internationally.

What role(s) would you like to perform on BritCham Board and why?
I would like to be involved in promoting British business and playing an active role in connecting businesses given my experience in this area. I would also, given my skills, be keen in increasing the awareness of the chamber, developing a strategy to increase its exposure to different communities and sharing my passion for cross border working.

Your promise to members: 
To attract new Membership, promote British business and to be active in the charity work taken by the chamber.I will at all times act with integrity, bring my passion for business and network to the chamber and look to always put members interests first.


Mr Māris Vainovskis

Māris is a Senior Partner at Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns, heading the Banking and Finance as well as the Corporate and Commercial practice groups.  He has more than 15 years of legal experience in banking and finance, commercial and company law, IT law and EU law. Māris also has extensive experience in commercial law matters.  He has led teams in over 150 major corporate and commercial sector deals.

Māris is a member of the Latvian Bar Association He is also involved in several Latvian government-formed working groups on legislative initiatives. An active member of the Foreign Investors’ Council in Latvia (FICIL) where he heads working groups. Supporter of projects in the areas of education, culture and sport.

Dates when you were on the BritCham Board:
March 2017 – March 2019

What was your role (roles) on the BritCham Board and what you have achieved?
Member of the Board, Deputy Chairman, Member of the BritCham Strategy and Events Committee

  • 100% Board meeting attendance
  • Leading BritCham’s advocacy efforts in FICIL
  • Active planning, participation and sponsorship of BritCham’s programs

What would you like to say was your proudest achievement on behalf of BritCham in 2017- 2019?
Representing BritCham and advocating for improvements in business and investment environment of Latvia through FICIL. Leader of the Investment protection and Court efficiency work group. Some of the topics covered:

  • Legislative process and quality of laws
  • Availability of public sector services and information in English language
  • Commercial law regulation
  • Insolvency
  • Specialization of courts

Your promise to BritCham members:
Continued active involvement in advocacy, programs and BritCham’s success
Continued support on Burns Supper dance floor