Annual General Meeting 2018

Today on 20 March BritCham held the Annual General Meeting 2018 (AGM). During the meeting the activities of the Chamber in 2017 were reviewed and 4 new Board Members were elected. 


Our congratulations to: 


Mr Simon Digby Boddy

Owner of SIA Brivibas 205A

Promise to members:
"To help/contribute wherever possible."







Mr Cameron G. Greaves

Board Member of SIA VCG

Promise to BritCham members:
"I am prepared, if I am re-elected and if the Board so desires, to continue as chairman.  If this happens I promise nothing more than “the mixture as before”. "







Ms Irina Sennikova

Rector of RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology

Promise to members:
"I promise to be an active member of the board, provide personal and organisational support for BritCham events and activities, promote the Chamber among More than 10 000 RISEBA alumni and other constituencies and facilitate attraction of new members."







Mr Thomas A. Swieca

General Manager of Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel

Promise to members:
"As a member of BritCham I promise:

First, to extend the reach of the organization and promote its status and reputation in Latvia, especially through my contact to international business partner.

Second, to attract new members as every member should do."





The first Board meeting was held right after the AGM where Cameron G. Greaves was reelected as the Chairman and Māris Vainovskis was elected as the Deputy Chairman of BritCham Board. 

We would like to thank David Callaway, Seymour Ferreira and Robert Kirkup for their efforts and support during their term on the Board. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and hope to see them often. 

Special thanks to H.E. Keith Shannon for being such a gracious host and giving a very warm welcome to our members. We are always glad to return to the amiable atmosphere of the British Ambassador's Residence. 

Please view the photos from the event here.