Amber Beverage Group set to produce hand and surface sanitisers

Amber Beverage Group (ABG) will begin production of hand sanitiser, VIRUDES, from its Latvijas balzams factory in Latvia. ABG will create a hand sanitiser based on the World Health Organisation’s recommended formula to help deal with the current shortage of disinfectants. Amber Beverage Group will be making the product available to major retail chains and also plans to produce enough to supply hospitals and other institutions where hand sanitiser supplies are low.

VIRUDES is alcohol-based and will be available in 4 litre volumes, which can then be transferred into smaller containers. The product’s name, VIRUDES, combines both “virus” and “disinfection”. The hand sanitiser will be in a gel form rather than a liquid and the disinfectant will contain 70% alcohol. It is not suitable for human consumption.

More information available on Amber Beverage Group's website.