The Alliance against Corruption in Latvia

 Progress Report April 2018 by Valdis Liepiņš, Chairman of the Board of the Transparency International Latvia/Delna

On November 15, 2017 the Board of the British Chamber of Commerce in Latvia unanimously decided to support the Alliance against Corruption in Latvia, initiated by Transparency International Latvia/Delna. At that time, there was already substantial support for the Alliance from members of civil society and the law enforcement agencies of Latvia. We could begin the process of securing the financial base of the Alliance and we thank BritCham for being among the very first on board from the business community.

The goal is to raise 60 000 euro by April 30th and 126 000 euro by mid-June. In early December, when we presented the concept to the Board of BritCham, 6000 euro had been subscribed. Today (April 16th) the sum stands at 54 421 euro, of which 7000 euro have been contributed by 4 members of BritCham.

We respectfully request other members of BritCham to join their colleagues and chip in, so that together we achieve the April 30th goal of 60 000 euro.

Regarding other developments, we are now seeking someone to head up the Alliance and begin implementing its plans; we are actively participating in developing the Whistleblower Legislation, which has finally reached the committee stage of the Saeima; and the OECD has expressed interest in the Alliance. And, of course, I would be more than happy to take any questions that you may have about the Alliance and Delna.

I wish to say a great big thank-you to BritCham for its support to date and look forward to its continued support in the future.


How to donate to the alliance

Beneficiary (Saņēmēja nosaukums): Sabiedrība par atklātību „Delna”, Reg.Nr. 40008037054

Bank Account:  SEB:  LV55UNLA0055000577520 OR SWED: LV56HABA0552044893970

Purpose of payment (Maksājuma mērķis): Alliance against corruption in Latvia